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960  Tunnel Oven

970 Tray Oven

For the utmost in reliability and bake quality, the oven to consider is the range of 960 Tunnel Ovens. Available baking chambers to 13´-4″ wide and from 45’ to 205´-0″ in length to handle your highest production outputs. Your choice of grid or plate hearth, with the combination of Steam, Direct Spark Ignition Burner Control, maximized Zone Control and Adjustable Frequency Drive features, make the 960 the #1 oven of choice for product flexibility and process control.

Touting a history of reliability, this classic model represents a versatile size range of tray ovens geared to breads, rolls and sweet goods. For durability, the 970 oven is unsurpassed. Its massive conveyor chain is built to outlast any other system. For long-term, low cost ownership of a hardworking oven, with a minimum of floor space the 970 is hard to beat.

935 Modular Tray Oven

Combining the space-saving design of the 970 tray oven with the capacity for 38½ pans, the 935 direct gas fired oven is an outstanding choice for high-output bread or roll lines. Modular construction speeds installation, adding to the cost-effective advantages.

This durable oven is designed to improve bake uniformity. By reversing the pans, every part of the pan is presented to exactly the same baking conditions. The result is a very even bake. The conveyor oven is offered in a variety of configurations including the figure 8 and the traditional down spiral. The oven can be supplied with a vectored air tube system or air turbulence fans.

960 Hurricane Tunnel Oven

This revolutionary modular oven is standard seventeen feet wide with 316 stainless steel, lube-free belting, and no need for tracking.  Center-fed chevron burners provide consistent lateral heat balance without sophisticated tuning to produce even heat output.  These burners can be removed with as little as four feet of available space next to the oven.  Large man doors line both sides of the oven every seven feet for exceptional maintenance accessibility.  Zonal independent top and bottom convection system with precision moisture control.  Come test bake on the Hurricane at the Bakery Innovation Center.